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The Bootcamp Survival Guide

By Spiced Academy | August 2, 2023

See this guide as a compass to help guide you on the journey from cubicle to classroom. Got your hiking boots on? Let's go trekking!

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Steve Frenzel

By Spiced Academy | July 10, 2023

Meet Steve πŸ‘‹. Having worked in the music industry for over ten years, he was looking for a more challenging (and well-paid πŸ’Έ) career. He found SPICED and decided to complete our 12-week Web Development course.

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What's the Difference Between Data Analytics and Data Science?

By Spiced Academy | July 5, 2023

Today, we're diving into the intriguing world of Data Analytics and Data Science. Fair warning: questionable metaphors abound.

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Choosing the Right Tech Bootcamp for You

By Spiced Academy | June 23, 2023

If you're looking to jumpstart your career or enhance your existing skills, attending a tech bootcamp can be a game-changer.

Priya Prabhakar

By Spiced Academy | June 22, 2023

Meet Priya πŸ‘‹. With a background in neuroscience, she wanted to upskill and expand her knowledge of data. She found SPICED and successfully completed our 12-week intensive Data Science course.

Vanessa Schwab

By Spiced Academy | June 22, 2023

Meet Vanessa πŸ‘‹. As en exhibition curator, she realized the potential to create even more captivating and accessible experiences for visitors by leveraging interactive technologies.

Lisa Kalfhues

By Spiced Academy | June 22, 2023

Meet Lisa πŸ‘‹. With a PhD in molecular biology, she decided to upskill and completed our 12-week intensive Data Science course where she discovered her passion for coding.

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